Cheapest iPhone Plan

Discover the Cheapest iPhone Plan: Ultimate Phone Plan Comparison Guide

If you find yourself paying increasingly cellphone bills, and you are looking for relief, you have come to the right place!  Welcome to The Cheapest iPhone Plan, your resource for easily comparing cell phone services and learn about what service is the cheapest.  Here you will learn how you can reduce your phone bill from 100$+ down to as little as 10$!

The interactive chart of iPhone plans below and the analysis that follows will help you determine which plan is the best for your budget.

The comparison will be based upon price, minutes per month, texts per month, amount of data, and signal reliability.  Each cell phone service provider will offer different levels, but the cheapest will be considered. So check it out to discover the Cheapest iPhone Plan!

Keep in mind that these plans are not exclusively for iPhone but are known to work with iPhone.  Also you must determine whether your iPhone is CDMA or GSM.  If your phone has a SIM card, then it is GSM and if it does not it is CDMA.  You can also tell if you know what service provider it was last used on:

GSM Service Providers: AT&T and T-mobile

CDMA Service Providers: Verizon and Sprint

iPhone Service Provider
Cost Per Month
Minutes Per Month
Texts Per Month
Data Per Month
$10.00Up to 250 Minutes (charged at $0.04 per minute)Up to 500 Texts (charged at $0.02 per minute)Up to 30MB Data (charged at $0.33 per MB)MediumGSMAirvoice Wireless Review
$15.00100100100 MBHighCDMA (Sprint)Ting Review
$30.00300 MinutesUnlimitedUnlimited (Throttled after 2.5 GB)LowCDMAVirgin Mobile Review
$30.00UnlimitedUnlimited50 MBLowGSMH2O Wireless Review
$40.00UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited (throttled after 500MB)LowGSMMetroPCS Review
aio wireless$40.00UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited (throttled after 250MB)HighGSMAio Wireless Review
$45.00UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited (Throttled after 2.5 GB)HighGSM / CDMAStraight Talk Review
$50.00UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited (Throttled after 1.5GB)HighGSM / CDMANet10 Review
$50.00UnlimitedUnlimited500 MBMediumGSMT-Mobile Review
$59.994500 (Charged at 20 cents per text)300 MB (20$ per extra 300 MB)HighGSMNo Review - Provided for Comparison
$70.00UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited 4GMediumGSMT-Mobile Review
$70.00UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB (1.5 cent per extra MB)MediumCDMANo Review - Provided for Comparison
$80.00UnlimitedUnlimited500 MB (15$ per extra 500MB)HighCDMANo Review - Provided for Comparison
$110.00UnlimitedUnlimited5 GB (1.5 cent per extra MB)MediumCDMANo Review - Provided for Comparison
$120.00UnlimitedUnlimited10 GB (15$ per extra GB)HighCDMANo Review - Provided for Comparison
$139.99UnlimitedUnlimited5 GB (10$ per extra GB)HighGSMNo Review - Provided for Comparison

Included in the matrix are 6 columns:

  • Cell Phone Service Provider
  • Cost per month
  • Number of minutes per month
  • Number of texts per month
  • Amount of data per month
  • Signal Reliability – Some plans only work in certain geographic areas


Review of the Top 5 Cheapest iPhone Plans


1. Airvoice Wireless – The Cheapest iPhone Plan

AirVoice Wireless Logo

First up on the list is Airvoice Wireless.  They offer an iPhone plan that costs only 10$ a month!  When you make a call, you are charged $0.04 a minute, and each text costs $0.02.  There is an option to use data, but the cost is steep at $0.33 per MB.  I have been using this service for over a year, and have been extremely satisfied with the reliability of the calls.  This is truly the cheapest iPhone plan out there.

The downside with this plan is the limited amount of data.  If you have access to wifi, you will be able to use that instead of using any data.  You could also look into options such as FreedomPop, which offers free data for a one time fee.

To learn more about this plan check out the full review and also check out


 2.  T-Mobile – The Cheapest “Big 4″ Iphone Plan

T-Mobile Logo

This is one of the more well known cell phone service providers.  They often offer specials such as 50$ unlimited everything.  The reason this one makes the top 5 list is because of the ease of setting the service up.  T-Mobile is nationwide and of the big 4 service providers, this one provides the cheapest.

The negative is that the cost is still much higher than other phones on the list.

To learn more about this plan check out the full review and also check out T-mobile.


3. Virgin Mobile – Cheap CDMA iPhone Plan

Virgin Mobile Logo

Virgin Mobile offers a 30$ plan that will get you 300 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data.  The data will provide 2.5GB of LTE speed, and once consumed will provide unlimited data at a throttled speed.

The cons are that you must enroll in the auto-pay service which automatically charges you every month.  Coverage is also limited.

To learn more about this plan check out the full review and also check out Virgin Mobile.


4. Straight Talk – The Cheapest unlimited Iphone Plan

Straight Talk Logo

Straight talk offers a 45$ plan that will get you unlimited everything.  It is a pre-paid service, meaning you pay for the service in advance of using it.  It provides high reliability by using the Verizon network.  This is the cheapest unlimited iPhone plan out there.

The cons are that you must have a Verizon phone that is compatible with the service.  The other problem is that LTE is not offered, so if you are used to fast internet speed on your phone, this will not be included.

To learn more about this plan check out the full review and also check out Straight Talk.


5. Net 10 – The Cheapest CDMA iPhone Plan

Net10 Logo

If you are looking for the cheapest unlimited plan, Net 10 offers an CDMA unlimited plan for 50$.  For 50$ you will receive unlimited talk, text, and data.  The quality of the calls should be great too as they share the network with the four major service providers.

The only downside is that if you have GSM phone, there are cheaper plans out there.

To learn more about this plan check out the full review and also check out Net 10′s website.